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Pitaya vs. Acai: Which Superfruit Features Superior Health Value (and Flavor)?

Pitaya vs. Acai: Which Superfruit Features Superior Health Value (and Flavor)?

Regarding as well as nourishment, I’m always captivated to educate yourself on exactly how what we consume importance you.

But weighing health details gets considerably more tricky when looking at two incredibly similar foods, like acai and pitaya. Both were fruits which have supposed overall health benefits, it is one preferable over another?

I place them into test in order to comprehend the difference in the way they flavor, how they influence our health and wellness while the specific positive that each and every give the dining table.

Acai, a berry which lives in the Amazon, has become acknowledged into the health neighborhood for many years, and increased to traditional popularity when businesses like Sambazon arrived onto the world nearly 2 full decades ago.

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While acai is becoming an essential at juices retailers and wellness dishes grocers, their lesser known relative, pitaya, are surfacing because identical ways. Pitaya, or dragon fruit, is primarily expanded in South America, and is acknowledged for its bright red appearance in smoothies.

Independently, both are apparently saturated in anti-oxidants, which can help your body battle free-radicals and irritation. Consequently, they’ve already been recognized as “superfoods.”

Since it goes, most companies that build smoothie bags using these fruit include additional foods into the combine, like glucose, which change the nutritional value and taste. This has triggered a recently available type of questioning in terms of ingesting fruit juice and smoothies as healthy choices.

In addition to that, acai and pitaya has a similar—but perhaps not identical—flavor breakdown, but vary in many alternative methods.

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This business was actually many easily available at regional grocers. Just one smoothie package has 100 calories and 13 grms of glucose per serving. The acai, but calls for two boxes when mixed for a smoothie or bowl, increasing the actual quantity of unhealthy calories and sugar.

Acai had a negligible level of dietary fiber, lower than 1 gram, and about 4 g of fat. The smoothie packages incorporate other foods besides acai berry, such as for instance organic cane glucose, natural soya lechitin and natural guarana extract—a seed based in the Amazon and utilized for fuel.

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The blend also includes 15 mg of salt per portion, and has now 35 milligrams of Omega 3, 435 milligrams of Omega 6 and 2,130 milligrams of Omega 9. Omega-3s fats are known for decreasing soreness, and is at the cause of lots of long-term illnesses.

Mixture with some banana and apple fruit juice, and you also’ve have a flavorsome treat. Photo: James Rodney

For any preferences test, the acai had been sampled by itself, and it truly doesn’t want such a thing added to it—perhaps because of the added glucose and flavors from rest formulation like guarana plant, and that japan cupid is present in the majority of acai smoothie packs.

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When combined with about half a banana and 1/4 mug fruit juice, the reliability was actually somewhat runnier than desired, although taste was still good. In my view, these acai smoothie packages have a touch of a richer, nuttier taste, with ideas of cocoa, that actually work really to counterbalance the sweetness that you will get from the fruit and fruit juices put into the mix.


What was mentioned right-away about PitayaPlus usually they just have one component: dragon fruits (pitaya) with seed.

For this preferences test, I obtained PitayaPlus’ fruit cubes because smoothie packs weren’t readily available, and also, receive the fresh fruit cubes to get slightly better to work with—you can skip the action of reducing to the synthetic smoothie packages, plus it preserves on extreme presentation. Additionally really worth observing: Pitaya ended up being somewhat more challenging to locate at my neighborhood food markets when compared with acai, it is easy to find for sale on line.

And in addition, the pitaya fruits cubes on their own were some dull in comparison to the acai smoothie packs, as it is basically just the ordinary fresh fruit. Additionally possess around 100 fat and 13 g of glucose per portion.

PitayaPlus fruit cubes. Image: Thanks To PitayaPlus

In which pitaya seems to break from the acai is during nutritional C, offering 7percent per portion (in comparison to 0percent in acai). Vitamin C is important in anything from boosting the immunity system to maintaining epidermis searching healthier.

Pitaya has actually 5 g of dietary fiber compared to 2 g from inside the acai smoothie bags, 2 grms of protein, and it is full of various other nutrients such iron (7 percentage) and magnesium (17 per cent). And though maybe not listed on PitayaPlus’ nutritional knowledge, the fruit’s vegetables will also be apparently rich in Omega-3 and Omega-9.

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Research has in addition analyzed how pitaya really helps to regulate blood sugar and controls sugar levels, that has possible health implications for those vulnerable to or that diabetic issues.

Enjoying the bright pink tone from the pulp in addition to consistency the Pitaya seeds present within this dish. Image: James Rodney

Okay, now for the flavor test. Pitaya is frequently contrasted closely to kiwi in surface, and that shown away whenever I mixed it up with half a banana and apple liquid, exactly as Used To Do aided by the acai. Instantaneously, We noticed a thicker persistence with pitaya. The Flavor had been in the same way nice as (or even sweeter than) the acai.

Although it did absence a few of the difficulties of acai, the pitaya’s tastes is a strong rival.

With facets considered, I would personally lean toward pitaya over acai strictly based on the undeniable fact that the pitaya included no extra glucose and didn’t compromise on taste when cooked in a smoothie or bowl. And in this example, the excess nutrients and nutritional importance during the pitaya gave it the advantage over my desires for acai’s richer, nuttier flavor.

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