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Question: Q: household discussing with several credit cards

Question: Q: household discussing with several credit cards

Basically establish household discussing for my personal new iphone and my personal 2 children iPads (with 3 various apple-id’s), will it be possible that shopping for me (back at my apple-id) is actually paid by one mastercard, and toddlers buys (with authorization from me every time) are settled from another registered bank card?

The thing is i do want to has my own buys to my individual credit card, therefore the parents shopping on us charge card.

The thing I have seen at this point, is all expenditures could be paid from my credit card (your family sharing directors apple-id), but this is simply not the things I want.

For individual acquisitions on your own individual credit card and never the family purchases, you could build the other account with a gift cards that gives all of them shop credit score rating. Notice article:

Especially the point:

After you developed your family, any moment a relative initiates a order it are charged directly to your bank account, unless that friend have present or store credit.

First, their particular shop credit should be used to spend the limited or overall costs. The remaining will bill to the family coordinator’s credit

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I agree 100%. Im therefore annoyed by this. We have family members share and we also all are grownups, perhaps not youngsters. My personal mommy placed the girl card because primary credit but she does not want me personally purchase numerous products on the card, but we nevertheless want to share every expenditures. most discouraging specifically since there are lots of software that need you to subscribe month-to-month or yearly, so it is not a single energy purchase.

I’m having the very same challenge. I wish to have the ability to making my own personal buys but We don’t desire to repurchases all applications (and additionally films and concerts) that I’ve ordered through parents sharing. And I also nonetheless wish my children to make use of the issues I purchase. Really inconvenient.

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To possess your own personal shopping on your individual charge card and not the household acquisitions, you might arranged additional account with something special cards that offers them store credit. See the article:

Especially the point:

Once you build your loved ones, when a member of family initiates a fresh order it will likely be charged right to your bank account, unless that friend keeps present or store credit.

Very first, their unique shop credit score rating shall be accustomed spend the limited or overall expenses. The rest will bill towards parents organizer’s card

I also supposed to add this connect:

Discover this section:

Installment methods for Family Sharing

In case you are using parents Sharing and you are your family coordinator, you should use this amazing installment techniques:

  • Charge cards
  • Debit cards
  • China UnionPay
  • Cellular phone payment

You’ll be able to produce a free account for a kid under 13 2 utilizing these cost strategies, apart from cell phone payment. (you’ll merely build a child accounts with a post-paid phone payment membership.) Once you create the child’s Apple ID, it is possible to alter your installment method to a new way, such as for instance a China UnionPay debit credit or a pre-paid cellular phone payment levels.

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