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Eight period after she satisfied her sweetheart Rupert, a 38-year-old British guide at a business hazard control company, about dating software Tinder, Jamie discloses via an Instagram article today he possess proposed, and that she’s got acknowledged. It is the 39-year-old’s third wedding. She uploaded this aww-inducing pic today using simplest of captions: a€?Yes. ?Y’—a€?

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We texted Jamie to offer the congratulations, and expected if she’d love to unveil details of the offer, but she decreased, claiming, a€?Everything i do want to state is within the article.a€? Maybe she currently said every thing in our in-depth interview along with her latest period. This tale, with these nice photos we chance of Jamie and Aly inside their house, was first posted in something of 8 WEEKS two weeks ago.

8 ERA: So, that post we ran in March about you and Rupert making use of headline a€?ie Yeo and Tinder beaua€?, we read the Tinder beau is quite astonished by it.JAMIE YEO: (Laughs) The title is a bit sensational, but I get it – i’d do the exact same thing. Citizens were congratulating myself and I was like, no, I don’t have a ring! The guy desired to accomplish that afterwards – he was scouting for jewellers. The guy keeps inquiring myself exactly what layout i want. Yeah, we’ve been online dating about six months, and indeed, it was quite rigorous. Some people would state it is also intense, but often you’re able to a stage in life in which you’re like, a€?People say what they need – it is my life.a€? Therefore the Tinder thing – some individuals had been like, a€?Ew, internet dating,a€? but to anyone below 30, it’s nothing. Yes, there are a great number of sleazebags there, but it’s fun, and you also make friends. I wasn’t upon it much, anyhow.

How come you would imagine there’s nevertheless a great deal interest in your all things considered these age?There isn’t! (Laughs) or perhaps this is the simple fact that I was honest. (Laughs) I informed Rupert it absolutely was sensationalised and I also don’t understand the story might be out one hour [after the device meeting] and this i am sorry i did lesbiand dating a pansexual not get the chance to tell him before everyone informed your they watched it! I’m still caught back many years ago – I thought it would be contained in this lightweight package in Scene & read [in the magazine]. (Laughs)

So the guy did not try to escape shouting.(Laughs) It grabbed a little while for your attain familiar with it. However it is everything I perform. Already it is not since terrible as it used to be. If I was actually 25, it would have already been tough, when my enthusiasts happened to be more youthful plus fanatical. Now, they do not truly worry that much – they have only known myself forever. Now, i’m like i am laidback in terms of my job – it is adequate to place some items available. I advised your he was already encounter myself at a time in my own existence while I’m maybe not creating bikini shoots and wearing small dresses. My personal image now could be therefore different – i am a mummy today. I am home every day unless I have to work. We advised him, a€?I hope possible manage this, but it’s going to become significantly less [intense]. If we bring a family together, I would like to carry out also significantly less work. The guy helps to keep informing me I really don’t need to operate if I should not – he is very nice. I’m like, a€?Ah, i really do want to operate.a€? (Laughs)

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